To provide you and your family with the best service, we collaborate and work with various other professionals, all of whom provided updates to us so that we are your single point of contact.

There are times in our lives and in the lives of our loved ones that we must engage the services of certain professionals and specialists. When our clients come to us to provide professional fiduciary services, they often also need other services as well. For example, if it is time for your parents to transition to assisted living, we could help identify the right place for them, and can also refer them to a realtor who specializes in working with seniors to sell their current home. If your aunt is needing someone to pay her bills and needs assistance with her taxes, we can make arrangements for both. If your spouse needs a part time caregiver in your home, we will connect you with excellent services.  We have put together a fantastic and broad network of service providers to serve all of your loved one's needs and, if different or additional services are needed, we will find the best providers to meet those needs.

Importantly, everyone in Our Network has been personally vetted to ensure that they will provide appropriate, compassionate, professional, and personal services to our clients. Importantly, when we “refer” our clients to another service provider, we do not just make the introduction and step away. Rather, we continue to manage our client’s relationship with those professionals, and each of them has agreed to partner with us to ensure the best service to our clients. Finally, all referrals are based on the quality of the service and no fees or benefits are ever exchanged with other service providers.


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